“ Patricia Field Art Gallery Boutique “ , 200 East Broadway, Current Come Visit .........

" Perry St Art Salon " ,Curator Brenton Wolf, Group Show, New York City 

" Spring Fling ", Curator Jodi Bisasors, Group Show, HGU Boutique Hotel 

" Resistance " ,Curator Carolyn Ratcliffe, Group Show, Loisida Foundation

“ Metallic Fanatic “, Curator MarcusGlitteris / Crystal Field, TNC Gallery East Village, Group Show

“ Children Of The World Benefit “ Curator Friends Of Sheba, Silent Auction, Rivington Penthouse

Lets do a Show Together and Thank U For Ur Time


 “ Post Cards From The Edge “ ,Metro Pictures Gallery, Aids Benefit January, Group Show

“ Its Your Thing “, Curator Sacsix, Bensons LES, Febuary Group Show

“ Edgy Elegance “, Curator Buddy Warren/ Gallery, February Group Show

“ Street PoP “, Curator MarcusGlitteriS, Studio 26 Gallery, February Group Show

“ Scope Art Fair “, Curator Marina Reiter, Studio 26 Gallery, March Group Show

“ Sex & Fashion “, Curator Dojchinov, 3 Squared Gallery, March Group Show

“ Sugar Market “, Curator Jeff Beler, Benefit Mrs Foundation For Woman, April

“ Art Of Seduction “, Curator Jodi Bisasors, HGU Hotel April, Hotel Opening

“ Art Expo Art Fair “, Curator Marina Reiter, Studio 26 Gallery April

“ Lower East Side Festival “, Curator Carolyn Ratcliff, TNC Gallery May, Group Show

“ Love It or Hate It “, Curator Pumpkin, Street Art Group Show, May

“ 90’s Throw Back “, Curator MarcusGlitteriS, Studio 26 Gallery June, Group Show

“ PoP Street Art “, Curator Buddy Warren/ Gallery, Group Show July

“ Summer Show “, Curator Kazuko, 128 Gallery, Group Show July

“ Art Of Desire “, Curator Jodi Biasaors, South Hampton August, Group Show

“ Sophisticated Psycos “, Curator Eddy Bogaert, San Remo Soho, August Group Show

“ Hudson West Folk Festival “, Curator Kay Bloss, Jersey City, Current

“ Parallel Universe “, Curator MarcusGlitteriS, 3 Squared Gallery, September Group Show

“ Patricia Field @ Art Basel Miami “, Curator Michael Robinson, White Dot Gallery Whynwood